Saturday, January 7, 2012


Can I just say how happy I am to finally meet 2012?  Last year was filled with so many struggles and hardships that I thought we'd never get through it.  There was a ton of heartache and pain but as we all know, there is always a


As we look forward to a new year of challenges and adventures I'm also looking forward to a year filled with life lessons and blessings or in short....

I feel that all too often I focus on the negativity in my life and I overlook all of the many things I've been blessed with.  It just seems so much easier to complain about things than to rejoice in them. I decided that instead of sharing my New Year's resolutions, I'd just start this year's blogs off by mentioning a few things I'm thankful for.  Why not start off with an attitude of gratitude rather than a "stink attitude"? hahaha  Here they are and in NO PARTICULAR order....

My Savior

Will, Pili & LaVona
My family

The BEST babysitters EVER
(they'll NEVER know how thankful I am for ALL of them)

Being on our own

A wonderful job

My Taylorville 6th Young Women
(Leaders and girls)

(I know I gotta 'em...LOL!)


Good food


Cell Phone

Ho Ho Gourmet =)

A comfortable bed

Extended family who REALLY are there when I NEED them...
not just when they NEED me!
For these things I...

I know that this year will be great for me and it all depends on me.  
I look forward to this year's 


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