Friday, August 26, 2011

Jam sessions...

So we're all sitting here at home and I'm listening to my Dad and brother (Josh) jamming!  Ever since I can remember this has been a pass time for my family.  No matter what we're all going through in our lives jam sessions always seem to bring us together.  As much as I love listening to all genres of music I especially love listening to them jam old school Tongan and Samoan songs!  There is something about listening to an acoustic guitar and my dad strumming and picking that relax me and take me to another place in my mind.

For those of you that know my family you know that music and shows are everything to us.  I'm pretty sure everyone thinks their family is the most talented but I can guarantee that my daddy is better than yours...LOL! You can ask any of my cousins and they'll tell you that jam sessions can be in affect at any long as there is a guitar.  Jam sessions at home, the park, family BBQ's, cooking for a wedding, etc.  If I ever need a pick me up, JAM SESSIONS will do it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As I sit and ponder about all of the people that have entered my life some people really stand out and others...well, not so much! LOL! Tonight, I think I'm going to blog about the most important person in my husband,  
William Bernard Maumau
Here's our story...
(ok, my version because Will always tells a different one...but mine is TRUE)
Back in 2005 I was working at SkyWest airlines and had been home from my mission for almost two years.  I was seeing someone at the time and it was not a good situation (which I now realize...LOL!).  My mom was so against me seeing this guy but being the stubborn person that I am, I didn't listen.  I continued seeing him but I knew deep down inside that I probably shouldn't have.  Anyway, I became really good friends with one of my co-workers and he would ask about my relationship with this guy.  As I shared my experiences, situations and problems with this friend, he would always tell me that I was 
"too good for him and that I deserved better!"

As time went on, my friend tried to convince me that he knew someone that he would like to hook me up with.  My response, NO WAY!  I am anti-hooking people up and there was no way I'd say yes.  My friend persisted and then one day in the break room my friend said, "Is it ok if I give your number to this guy?"  I finally said yes (after 3 weeks) so that my friend would leave me alone.  He then said, "Good because I already gave it to him."  Wow, really?!  Yes, really!  LOL!  Anyway, I got a call the next day from a number I didn't recognize and when the person on the other line asked for Lusi, I told him she wasn't there.  Then I asked who it was and if I could take a message and he said "William. She doesn't know me but could you just let her know I called?"  Sure, was the response.

Anyway, I called him back that evening and we started talking.  I didn't officially meet Will face-to-face until a couple of weeks later because he was traveling for work.  Then on one of his return trips (from Jamaica) he called and asked if I was at work because he was on his way in.  I said yes and told him that I was working at the "B-Gates" which was perfect because he was flying in on Southwest.  Can I just tell you that I was a nervous wreck!  It was bad enough that his first impression of me would be in my work uniform AND I worked a double that day!  OMG...I ran to the nearest bathroom and "tried" to make myself look presentable.  When I got back to the gate I tried to help the couple of people in line and then I saw this Poly guy walking towards my gate.  All I remember thinking was, "Is THAT Will?"  And then the guy said, "I was wondering if you could help me with my flight?"  I recognized his voice and I'm sure I smiled really big and replied..."Depends!"  We both started laughing and then I told my co-worker that I was going to take a break since we were between flights anyway.

Needless to say, things worked out and we ended-up getting married a SHORT six months later.  Everyone thought that we were crazy for getting married so quickly but we both knew in our hearts that it was right.  I remember asking my cousin Ku'uipo when she was getting ready to get married how she knew that Myron was "the one".  Her answer was simple, "You just know!"  And that's how I felt.  I just knew that Will was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. 

He has been the biggest blessing in my life and loves me for who I am.  He has shown me unconditional love from the beginning and continues to each and every day.  He may not be the hopeless romantic that I thought I wanted to marry but he sure does know when I need a pick-me-up.  He's a hard worker and he will do anything to make sure that I have what I want.  He has given me two beautiful children that I will be forever thankful for.  He honors his priesthood and trusts in God with all of his heart.  He makes me laugh with all of his LAME jokes. He loves that I watch football with him and that I actually like it.  I love that while we're driving around he makes sure to hold my hand.  He's not afraid to show his love for me in public through small acts of affection.  He wipes my tears away when I'm crying! 

I could go on and on about what a wonderful guy I'm married to but I think this quote sums it up:    
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin

I guess my marriage would be considered somewhat successful because I've fallen in love with my husband many times already!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's just one of them days...

"That a girl goes through
When I'm angry inside
Don't wanna take it out on you
Just one of them things
Don't take it personal
I just wanna be all alone
And you think i treat you wrong"

So my life is actually pretty good right now but every once in awhile I run into one of "those" days.  Today happened to be that day.  For some reason I felt like all of the problems and issues that are surrounding my life needed to be dealt with TODAY!  I was so focused on all of the problems that I needed to solve that I decided to forget them all and clean =)

As I started cleaning our room I realized that we had so much stuff and that we didn't need it all.  So, I started packing bags to take to the D.I. (Deseret Industries...a second hand store equivalent to the Salvation Army but waaaaayyyyyyyy better! LOL!)  By the time I loaded up my van I had 9 HUGE bags of stuff to take.  I'm still not done yet and if Will finds out that I packed four of his drawers, he'll probably be a LITTLE UPSET...oh well!

Throughout the whole day I've been thinking about where I'm at in my life and I have to say that I got a little disappointed.  I mean, I'm 31 years old and have nothing to show for it.  Seriously?!  Where has my life gone?  What have I done with the past 31 years?  I was so disappointed and upset that "one of them days" just got worse.  Boy, if I hadn't been dragging my feet yet, I was now.  I don't know how else to explain it except that I felt like a...

Then I got to thinking!  I had some accomplishments, didn't I?  Then I thought back to some of the highlights of my life.  I graduated from high school, attended some college, went on a LDS church mission for 18 months, returned home honorably, married my love in the temple, have two wonderful & beautiful children and am a working mom!  Those are pretty admirable accomplishments...I think =)
Anyway, my day seemed to get a little better as the night went on and then it hit me...I've got to have "one of them days" every once in awhile so that I can truly appreciate the things that I have now.  Sure life will be frustrating at times but that's the way it is.  Like the old saying goes....

 and keep in mind...if you're feeling frustrated or down....


Monday, August 15, 2011


Ever since I can remember my family has been in the entertainment industry. My parents are both entertainers and have owned their own Polynesian show and band for years. Almost all of our memories as children we're surrounded by shows and gigs that my dad's band played at.

Now, I'm not complaining because I LOVE dancing and being on stage...and if I wasn't 100 lbs heavier now, I'd probably still be dancing =). Being able to see the joy that you can bring to clients and to the audience is priceless. One thing I love is being able to dance to a "live" band. My dad's band, ISLAND TIME, started in Carson, CA and when we moved to Salt Lake City, UT, he picked up here where he left off. The band her in Utah became known as ISLAND TIME II and have been playing together ever since.

Anyway, the reason I share this at all is because for me, the entertainment business has come full circle. I am now the proud mother of a little boy who LOVES being on stage and entertaining.

Ok, so my warrior is a little on the fluffy side but that's ok. Each time I see him perform I want to yell out, "THAT'S MY BOY!" but I don't think that'd be professional. He's only four years old and is just beginning his life as an entertainer but let me tell you, he's already a


Blessing from Heaven

In 2009, I was expecting our soon-to-be second child and was excited because Pili "needed" another sibling and we "thought" we were ready for another child. Well, in July of 2009, I miscarried while in San Francisco, CA, for my little cousin's wedding. It was the hardest thing that I had encountered up until that point of my life. I mean, we'd been to several appointments, heard the baby's heartbeat and even received pictures from my ultrasounds. For anyone who has experienced this situation, my heart feels for you. I know what it's like and I would never want anyone to experience the pain and heartache that I felt.

As time went on, I wondered why this ha
d happened to us. Weren't we ready? What were we doing wrong? Didn't the Spirit confirm to us that we were ready for this baby? For the first time ever in my life, I was questioning why my Father in Heaven had put me and Will through this. Why would he make anyone hurt so bad? For the next year or so, I wondered every day why I was given this trial. I knew I was a strong individual but this had me beat.

One day I was sitting at work and it hit me!
How could I be so selfish? How could I have questioned my Father in Heaven? I went home that day and asked my Heavenly Father for forgiveness. If I ever wondered what remorse and humility felt like, let me tell you, I felt it at that instant. My Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself. I had never felt such love and comfort as I did at that moment. The one person that I questioned and doubted (my Heavenly Father) was the very person who was comforting me, through the Holy Ghost, at my lowest point in my life.

As I learned to accept what had happened things started to take a turn for the better. Life seemed more tolerable and my trials seemed less difficult. Then, in October of 2010, I found out that I was exp
ecting again! Really?! Was Heavenly Father waiting for me to realize that He was the one in charge? Was I being tested all these months? YES! YES, I was! When I finally stopped being stubborn, hard-headed and selfish, Heavenly Father blessed me in more ways than I could ever imagine.

On June 14, 2011, my little girl came into this world.

What a blessing to have this precious little girl. She was 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. She was perfect. All of the sickness and nausea was worth it. This girl had her daddy wrapped around her finger the moment he laid eyes on her.

(with her Aunty LaVona & Aunty Zola)

When we first got married we decided that we'd take turns naming our children and this happened to be my turn. I thought long and hard about who I'd name her after and there was no question in my mind. I'd name her after my mom and my two sisters. These women mean the world to me and have been there for me through thick and thin. So, we named our precious baby girl, LaVona Zola.

If there is anything I've learned from this experience it's that Heavenly Father truly knows His children and that blessings come from Heaven!